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The challenge facing brands today is to understand the customer journey and maximise the impact of those interactions throughout – before, during and after purchase. These interactions aren’t just about communications. Marketing and brands now have new responsibilities in service design, finding different ways to be useful, add value and, above all, be engaging.

In our latest Big Thinking campaign we share industry-leading thought leadership on innovative customer experience. We explore the customer journey, and the ways that marketers need to create immersive brand experiences to stand out.



Today the most successful brands go beyond developing a product or service and are committed to making the world a better place by driving social and cultural change. This allows consumers to connect with brands on a deeper emotional level.

In this issue of our latest Big Thinking magazine Culture, we explore how consumers are developing these relationships with brands and how culture impacts this relationship. With contributions from Annie Auerbach (Starling Consultancy), Daryl Travis (Brandtrust), David Berman (Merck & Co. Inc.), and Sarah DaVanzo (sparks & honey) and many more. Click the links below to read further.

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Purpose Pays

‘Purpose Pays’ is a collection of articles from a diverse group of thought leaders, who share various perspectives on companies that go beyond delivering a product or service to practice goodwill, including and beyond CSR initiatives. These brands that operate by doing good toward people/communities/earth create experiences that often builds trust and connects us to them on an emotional level. Find out more by clicking the links below.

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We are fascinated by people—seeking to understand them, in more inventive and meaningful ways.

We now know that many of their behaviours are influenced by things that they are not consciously aware of.

Discover how culture, social scene or individuals internal, hidden emotions and motivations can be the driving forces behind behavioural change in our Behave magazine.

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The explosion of new channels and the huge volume of self-published content, now available to be watched and enjoyed, means that brands find it increasingly challenging to compete for attention.

Inevitably people’s attention spans are shortening while their demand for something that is really entertaining and fun is increasing.In this issue, we explore the role of ‘Play’ in building stronger relationships between people and brands.




Our magazine includes contributions from experts at Hall & Partners and other thought leaders including: Gareth Kay (Founding Partner, Zeus Jones San Francisco), Andy Hobsbawm (Founder and CMO, EVRYTHNG), Justin Lyon (CEO, Simudyne), Dr. Aiden Gregg (Senior Lecturer, Southampton University), Ije Nwokorie (Manging Director, Wolff Olins London), Daniel Solomons (Industry Manager Agency Planning, Google UK), Jim Carroll (UK Chairman, BBH), Alan Mitchell (Strategy Director, Ctrl-Shift), Dr. Alex Gordon (CEO, Sign Salad), Denise Kaufmann (CEO, Ketchum London), Tim Lindsay (CEO, D&AD), and Neil Cassie (Founding Partner, Cassie Partnership). Contributors discuss topics around how to make brands matter: the social mobility of brands, making products 'smart', how to make big data matter, employee engagement, and corporate social responsibility.

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Connect includes contributions from thought leaders such as Fergus Hay (Ogilvy & Mather), Richard Owen (Crowd Lab), Jonathan Nelson (Omnicom Digital), Jeff Hansen (Microsoft), Adam Morgan (eatbigfish), Michelle Castle (Hall & Partners), and Hannah Mann and Abigail Stuart (Hall & Partners Health). Contributors discuss topics like: how social connections influence the way we experience brands, the importance of protecting your brand reputation in today's digital age, and how digital is transforming the patient experience.

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Engage brings some of the latest thinking on brand engagement from marketing's sharpest minds. Contributors include Sir John Hegarty (Worldwide Creative Director of BBH), Jeff Brazell (CEO and Founder of the Modellers), David Eagleman (neuroscientist & New York Times bestselling author), and Arianna Huffington (President & Editor-in Chief of the AOL Huffington Post Media Group).

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China Now

Increasingly the world is more connected and so feels smaller, familiar and more similar. But, what people do, think and feel, within their own environment and culture, can be vastly different, often in surprising ways. China Now explores what matters to the Chinese… 

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India Now

Modern India is a land of opportunity and optimism with a forceful new middle class and a youth population larger than any country in the world. There is a New Indian Dream, where everyone can aspire to their own individual success, where farmers turn into millionaires and where anyone, from even the smallest of Indian towns, can now dare to dream. This report discusses the latest insights on what is happening in India today and what this means for brands.

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Hispanic Now

Recently, brands have taken notice of the increasing buying power of US Hispanics and some have shifted their thinking to make Hispanics a core component of their growth strategy. Traditionally, Hispanics have been grouped into simple acculturation levels that have been treated as tangential consumer segments. It is now critical that brands engage and connect with the Hispanic consumer, but to do so they must first appreciate the multifaceted cultural paradigm that Hispanics represent today.

This report explores current trends around US Hispanics and the key take-aways for building brand engagement with Hispanics.

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Oncology Matters

Oncology Matters explores the changing dynamics between patients, cancer specialists, the pharmaceutical industry and oncology brands. It identifies a series of human-centric themes that add to the growing knowledge and understanding of the clinical side of the disease. It identifies the human narrative which adds opportunities for oncology brands to optimize the holistic patient experience at every stage of the journey.

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Brazil Now

All eyes are on Brazil as the host country of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, and there is no better time than now for brands wishing to break into the Brazilian market. Brasil is now the 7th largest research market globally worth over $777M USD.

Brazil Now takes a comprehensive look at culture, trends, and consumer behavior within Brazil, identifying what matters most for brands and their relationships with their consumers.

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Japan Now Health

The second largest pharmaceutical market in the world, Japan is a country enduring rapid change in the healthcare industry due to a combination of socio-economic and environmental factors. This presents new challenges and opportunities for healthcare providers who need to rethink their relationships with patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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It’s no surprise that the MENA region is changing rapidly. For brands to be successful in the region they must keep pace with the fast evolving and diverse consumers, understand the local market needs and challenges, and keep on top of the changing attitudes and behaviours.

MENA Now takes a comprehensive look at culture, trends, and consumer behavior within the MENA region, identifying what matters most for brands and their relationships with their customers.

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Mad Men to Sad Men

The IPA Client Relationship Group believed it was time to review the state of the relationship between agencies and clients so commissioned Hall & Partners to discover the new ‘why’.

The purpose of the review is to spark a debate to move the industry forward and to identify practical steps to improve understanding on both sides. In turn, creating a new shared agenda.

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