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Bite-Sized Insights

The one exciting constant in our world is change ... in light of this we offer you some bite-sized reflections on what we observe going on around us.

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In this issue consider how the culture of wellness is shaping our habits – as individuals, communities and society – and the opportunities for global brands. Enjoy our inspiring three-minute reads: why empathy is important in the new wellness space; key cultural insights into the future of health and technology; and our collaboration with Vice Media revealing the health and wellness trends of Millennials.

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Conviction Brands

Brands that put a social purpose at their hearts are referred to as Conviction Brands. They are brands that are not satisfied by simply reflecting culture, they want to shape it. They want to change the world and people’s lives for good in some way. This issue brings you the latest thinking on brands that shape culture. We will explore three themes: how the best brands shape-shift; why cultural remix is vital to your strategy; and why brands should take notice of the cultural impact of women’s sports.

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Cultural Habits

In this issue we will explore all aspects of Cultural Habits and their impact on brands.

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