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About 10 years ago, Hall & Partners and the IPA published a book called ‘Shared Beliefs’ with and for the marketing and advertising community. It has been highly regarded as a 'book of accepted wisdoms’ for the industry. 

Working with the 4A's and the IPA, we're gathering the collective wisdoms of the global advertising community to see how many of these beliefs still hold true today and how many need to be re-told or created as new.

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Click here to read the original version of the Shared Beliefs, published in 2002 by Hall & Partners and the IPA.

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The IPA is the professional body for advertising, media and marketing communications agencies in the United Kingdom.

The 4A's is the national trade association representing the advertising agency business in the United States.

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We are hosting dinners and meetings around the globe with smart Account Planners and Brand Strategists to learn more about the shared beliefs that exists around what makes advertising work.

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