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Happier people.

What makes Hall & Partners so stimulating and distinctive? It's quite simple. We believe that when our people are happy and passionate about what they do they produce better work and will delight our clients.

Hall & Partners is full of people who enjoy what they do, and are willing to go that extra mile.

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Our people are continuously learning and growing.

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What makes our culture so distinctive?

We enjoy work that challenges, stretches and grows us. Work that makes us smile and feel proud. We are the sort of people that are passionate about brands and everything that is going on around us. We are naturally curious, some might say nosey. We love to learn and discover new things. 

We are here to help each other, help our clients and have fun. You have a team that’s proactive and prepared to act quickly when you need something fast. 

We all contribute to making this company great.

Our values »



Smile, it doesn’t cost you anything and you never know what it might get you!
Anne Anne


There is no such thing as too much broccoli


Be the person your dog thinks you are.
Nicola Nicola


Keep trying new things
Ali Ali


I called a chicken coop in Italy home for 6 months

A uniquely collaborative network »

Good ideas travel well.

In each and every office we are proud of what makes us different. Together with our local knowledge and expertise we like working collaboratively across the world with global brands. 

Virtually all our work comes through recommendations from clients and their creative agencies – word travels fast.

Vicki Vicki


Happy, old couples make my heart melt!
Adonis Adonis


The best teacher I ever had: FAILURE
Abigail Abigail


I love sushi. Salmon nigiri is my all time favourite
Lazarus Lazarus


Have you shutdown and rebooted your PC?
Jason Jason


Those who say they can & those who say they can't are both usually right
Kurt Kurt


I narrowly beat a womble in the London Marathon!


What if?

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