Building strong, engaging brands »


New perspectives on brands »

Our qualitative and quantitative approach to strategy development focuses your long-term ambitions by analysing cultural and category trends, capturing brand essence and truths and delivering effective segmentation.

Then, when it’s time to express your platform to the wider world, we uncover the beliefs, values, language and tone that will help bring it all to life.


Creative research solutions at every stage of the brand planning cycle »



Blending brand and communications expertise with deep knowledge of the healthcare sector »


New ways of connecting with patients »

Planning and evaluating the patient experience.


The pharmaceutical world is experiencing some dramatic changes »

New ways of building brands.

Changes in drug discovery have seen the death of the blockbuster and emergence of niche busters. 

New personalised medicines and targeted therapies are growing. There is a shift away from selling pills to providing comprehensive health management solutions.

Investment in R&D continues to shift from “chemicals” to “biologicals”, with new complex mechanisms now being sold at a premium.

Interpreting the new world of Health.



New technology, new behaviour, new opportunities »


Optimizing engagement »

Factoring in the real drivers of engagement.

Our approach to analytics is driven by the same principles that drive everything else we do at Hall & Partners.

They come from a deeper understanding of what drives behaviour and how brands and communications work to influence future behaviour. They are informed by the latest thinking on brands, from brain scientists and social science.

We believe these principles help us deliver powerful analytics that help you optimise your engagement strategies to deliver more short and long-term sales and profits.


Certainty in an uncertain world »

Today’s marketing environment is less certain.

Predicting the success of integrated marketing engagement is complex. However, we believe nothing is unpredictable.

We are focused on creating greater certainty in investment decisions. We help you optimise your brand and marketing engagement activity and predict future market performance for optimum financial return.

We apply scientific and mathematical approaches guided by our philosophy, our knowledge of engagement and our understanding of our clients’ needs. 

Modelling to help make the future more profitable.



A new way to reach your consumers »

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Conversations as unique as your brand »

The right questions, in the right place, at the right time

YourWord directly connects you to the people you want to talk to in a variety of formats. You can talk with many, you can talk with a few. You might gather feedback in a public forum or in a more intimate one on one. Interact with members from their desktop computers, or through our mobile app while on the go. Whatever the conversation, YourWord helps you capture more of the important moments in your consumers’ lives.

And they earn rewards for their feedback while at home, at checkout, the bus stop or a coffee shop. Here are just a few ways you can reach your consumers anytime, anywhere, anyhow:

• Online surveys to talk with a larger group of people
• Self-ethnography and life logging that include photo, video,
   audio and text
• Shopper journeys and customer experience
• Media influences and encounters
• New ideas based on real behaviours and unfulfilled needs are
• Having online discussions in groups or in private
• Regular, fun polls start new discussion topics and invite
   two-way conversations



The people you want to talk to »

Selective recruitment and thoughtful profiling

YourWord selectively recruits the people you want to talk with. We use a variety of methods to ensure we have all sorts of people from different backgrounds and demographics. We treat our members with respect and care, and encourage them to talk openly.

Looking for someone specific in the community? Just ask. If we haven’t collected the information you need for your study, we’ll gladly do so.




Creating opportunities to connect »


Shopping today is any time, any place and anywhere »

Digital and mobile technology have transformed the shopper experience.

Shopping is increasingly accessible. The removal of physical and geographic boundaries means people can choose from a wider range of goods and compare prices easily. People are looking for an engaging, consistent and seamless shopper experience, across all touch points along the customer journey.

A more engaging shopping experience encourages people to take immediate action and also make an emotional connection. This all leads to a new era of shopper engagement.


Knowing your consumer does not mean you know your shopper »

Shoppers are people who actually buy; they may not be the end consumer.

Shoppers can, and do, exert an influence over what is finally purchased. They have multiple shopper personalities; affected by occasion, channel and category. It is therefore critical to understand who your shoppers are and what influences their behaviour at different times.

Integrating understanding of both consumer and shopper behaviour enables organisations to develop strong brands, that are relevant, visible and engaging to shoppers.

The Hub


The Hub

Award Winning

Interview with Research Insighter


Winner - The ASC/MRS Award for
Technology Innovation
and Effectiveness


Winner – Disruptive Innovator Award

Finalist – Individual Achievement (Oli Hayward)



Winner – TMRE Explor Award for Innovation Research



Finalist - Best Data Solution


The Hub

More than just a dashboard »

A pioneering, new service interactive platform for data integration, engagement and storytelling

The Hub is a pioneering new service for insight news reporting and data integration supported by a team of dedicated experienced insight journalists. It works as a nerve center for client data integration and collaboration. It provides live reporting and a single view of the business by integrating all marketing and brand data, enabling users from across the client’s business to access, explore and visualise data from different sources in one place at any time.

What we do »

As specialists in brand and communications research we work with both consumer and health brands to help them understand where they are now, where they could be, how they could get there and if they getting there.

From segmentation and understanding the purchase journey, NPD and concept testing, creative development and pretesting, to brand and communications tracking, we offer creative solutions at every stage of the brand planning cycle.
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