New technology, new behaviour, new opportunities »

Optimizing engagement »

Factoring in the real drivers of engagement.

Our approach to analytics is driven by the same principles that drive everything else we do at Hall & Partners.

They come from a deeper understanding of what drives behaviour and how brands and communications work to influence future behaviour. They are informed by the latest thinking on brands, from brain scientists and social science.

We believe these principles help us deliver powerful analytics that help you optimise your engagement strategies to deliver more short and long-term sales and profits.

Certainty in an uncertain world »

Today’s marketing environment is less certain.

Predicting the success of integrated marketing engagement is complex. However, we believe nothing is unpredictable.

We are focused on creating greater certainty in investment decisions. We help you optimise your brand and marketing engagement activity and predict future market performance for optimum financial return.

We apply scientific and mathematical approaches guided by our philosophy, our knowledge of engagement and our understanding of our clients’ needs. 

Modelling to help make the future more profitable.

An unstoppable tide of data »

New technology is generating vast amounts of data.

Data that helps us know more about people, what they are doing, when, where and how often they are doing it. And all in real time.

It enables us to be more precise in our targeting, in the creation and personalisation of products and services and in how, when and where we communicate.

We need to know what data is important and how it can help us make informed and effective decisions: the decisions that drive the optimum financial return.

The right data, informing the right decisions.

Engagement Modelling »

Five ways to help you optimise brand performance.

We conduct a wide range of custom studies, using state-of-the-art modelling techniques to predict future marketing engagement.

We call this Predictive Engagement Modelling.

We use our Engager™  framework, to guide our study design and analysis, to provide insights on how to optimise your engagement activity and marketing investment.

Our analytics tools fall into five key areas: people, positioning, product, message and media/channel.

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