Building strong, engaging brands »

New perspectives on brands »

Our qualitative and quantitative approach to strategy development focuses your long-term ambitions by analysing cultural and category trends, capturing brand essence and truths and delivering effective segmentation.

Then, when it’s time to express your platform to the wider world, we uncover the beliefs, values, language and tone that will help bring it all to life.

Creative research solutions at every stage of the brand planning cycle »

Optimising effectiveness »

Our unique approach to tracking.

We use our Engager™ framework to help you think through your engagement strategies. We also use it to help structure your brand tracking studies. We ask people what they think about your brand - how they sense, understand, connect, participate, advocate - and examine what truly drives engagement with it.

Digital, customer experience, ambient media and word of mouth are all addressed, along with traditional advertising.

Our approach to brand tracking identifies what has happened in the recent past, but more importantly, we focus on looking forward and identifying actionable insights to determine what you do next.

Understanding culture »

With our communications strategy research you can take your brand ‘truth’ and sharpen it, so that it really matters to people.

We research the development of strategic ideas and explore their full potential for our clients. It leads to a brief that will truly inspire your creative and media teams.

Nurturing creativity »

Helping ideas be the best they can be.

We take budding ideas and explore people’s instinctive and considered responses. We use our Engager™ framework to structure our conversations and explore people's response to the ideas and the brand. Our focus groups sensitively explore and involve participants.

We want to know if the creative idea works in the way it’s intended and whether people respond in the same way or differently. Armed with this knowledge, we provide insight to help grow and nurture the idea.

Making ideas more compelling and powerful. 

Enhancing and predicting campaign performance »

Anticipating reaction to a campaign helps enhance and predict performance.

International qualitative research »

An experienced and talented team of qualitative researchers working all around the world.

Quantitative research »

Using our Engager™ framework to understand the scale of change over time.

We blend attitudinal information with behavioural data to provide a guide to the shifting landscape around your brand.

We look for relationships between attitudes and behaviour, and identify actionable insights. We focus on providing rich diagnostics to help you dig below the surface.

Actionable quantitative research.

Introducing The Room »

Engage in lively discussion

The Room is Hall & Partners' versatile and fully-equipped viewing space.

Comfortable, calm and contemporary it provides a relaxed environment where people can openly engage in lively discussion. Click here for a tour...

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