Creating opportunities to connect »

Shopping today is any time, any place and anywhere »

Digital and mobile technology have transformed the shopper experience.

Shopping is increasingly accessible. The removal of physical and geographic boundaries means people can choose from a wider range of goods and compare prices easily. People are looking for an engaging, consistent and seamless shopper experience, across all touch points along the customer journey.

A more engaging shopping experience encourages people to take immediate action and also make an emotional connection. This all leads to a new era of shopper engagement.

Knowing your consumer does not mean you know your shopper »

Shoppers are people who actually buy; they may not be the end consumer.

Shoppers can, and do, exert an influence over what is finally purchased. They have multiple shopper personalities; affected by occasion, channel and category. It is therefore critical to understand who your shoppers are and what influences their behaviour at different times.

Integrating understanding of both consumer and shopper behaviour enables organisations to develop strong brands, that are relevant, visible and engaging to shoppers.

Understanding the shopper journey »

Our shopping research covers marketing issues at all stages of the purchase journey »


The full set of steps and experiences before, during and after purchase. 

Where does my brand win or lose the battle to engage the shopper? Why? 


Explore the social and emotional experience at a key touchpoint or step. 

How do I engage shoppers at key moments and create a win-win with retailers? 


Focus on shelf organisation, presentation, navigation and inspiration. 

How do I engage shoppers at key moments and create a win-win with retailers? 


Measure the influence of pack design, line-up, pricing and bundling. 

What sales increment would I get from changes to my product?

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