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Winner - The ASC/MRS Award for
Technology Innovation
and Effectiveness


Winner – Disruptive Innovator Award

Finalist – Individual Achievement (Oli Hayward)



Winner – TMRE Explor Award for Innovation Research



Finalist - Best Data Solution


More than just a dashboard »

A pioneering, new service interactive platform for data integration, engagement and storytelling

The Hub is a pioneering new service for insight news reporting and data integration supported by a team of dedicated experienced insight journalists. It works as a nerve center for client data integration and collaboration. It provides live reporting and a single view of the business by integrating all marketing and brand data, enabling users from across the client’s business to access, explore and visualise data from different sources in one place at any time.

Making data matter »

To uncover true insights about your brand relationships, you need to connect the data that matters. Imagine having the right data sources easily accessible across the right people and departments, in a single platform that is engaging and inspires collaboration around your brand interactions. The Hub helps you to achieve just that.

The Hub can integrate data from » 

Your Sales » sales data

Your Spend » marketing spend

Your Segments » segmentation

Your Channels » channel media activity

Your Brand » brand and comms tracking

Your Chatter » social media/online buzz

Your Mood » consumer confidence and social trends

Your Web » web behaviour


Built for mobile »

The ‘next generation’ Hub is optimised for use on tablets (iPads, Android and Windows), allows complete customization to a client’s brand identity, and enables users to embed comments and summaries within the platform, alongside specific views of the data. It also has the ability to add customised landing pages to distill down the topline stories emerging from the data.

Engaging your stakeholders and insights community »

The Hub is more than just a powerful analysis and reporting tool. It is also a social platform for sharing insights, building discussions and making collaborative decisions.

Conversations don’t just have to be around data. Use The Hub to connect clients’ global Insights and Marketing stakeholders – inviting colleagues to open discussions about any topic or source, uploading reports, videos, photos and sharing links within the discussion threads, and keeping your internal community up-to-date with announcements.

The Hub has a new home page where stakeholders can read and create engaging, bite-sized digital stories about business, brand and marketing performance, as well as navigate to pre-prepared, expert-designed dashboards and analysis pages. 


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