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YourWord directly connects you to the people you want to talk to in a variety of formats. You can talk with many, you can talk with a few. You might gather feedback in a public forum or in a more intimate one on one. Interact with members from their desktop computers, or through our mobile app while on the go. Whatever the conversation, YourWord helps you capture more of the important moments in your consumers’ lives.

And they earn rewards for their feedback while at home, at checkout, the bus stop or a coffee shop. Here are just a few ways you can reach your consumers anytime, anywhere, anyhow:

• Online surveys to talk with a larger group of people
• Self-ethnography and life logging that include photo, video,
   audio and text
• Shopper journeys and customer experience
• Media influences and encounters
• New ideas based on real behaviours and unfulfilled needs are
• Having online discussions in groups or in private
• Regular, fun polls start new discussion topics and invite
   two-way conversations


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Selective recruitment and thoughtful profiling

YourWord selectively recruits the people you want to talk with. We use a variety of methods to ensure we have all sorts of people from different backgrounds and demographics. We treat our members with respect and care, and encourage them to talk openly.

Looking for someone specific in the community? Just ask. If we haven’t collected the information you need for your study, we’ll gladly do so.


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Fully engaging Your Word members

YourWord Community Resources

Our ESOMAR 28 Questions document explains more about how we ensure member satisfaction and quality data. Click here to view.

Our profiling documents outlines exactly what we know about YourWord members.

Click here to view for the US.
Click here to view for the UK.

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