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Understand cultural context and spot newly emerging trends

As people, we view everything through our own, unique cultural lens. From norms to customs, habits to social codes, every business wants to understand how these cultural beliefs will influence their brands.

Different markets require different approaches, as consumer cultural sensitivities vary from country to community. These span diverse socio-economic factors, geographic, and political influences, as well as social trends and traditions.

Hall & Partners are experts at navigating this tricky terrain, helping you fine-tune your brand strategy to reflect people’s different cultural needs and habits. Together, we will anticipate emerging trends, threats, and opportunities by bringing the future closer, identifying the actions you need to take right now to achieve the best outcome for your brand.


Helping you build culturally relevant brands

We are proud to say we have always been students of culture. We use cultural analysis, market research, insight, and trend spotting to uniquely understand the cultural landscape your brand sits in. We identify the local nuances of different cultures, and how this impacts people’s relationships with your brand.

Whether you need to understand how culture impacts unmet category needs for a new product, or the optimal tone of voice for your next marketing campaign, our ‘cultural scouts’ are experts in connecting you with culture, giving you the edge over your competitors.

How we help you

Analyse culture using semiotic frameworks

Shape the future through dynamic co-creation sessions (futurescaping)

Get closer to customers with in-the-moment mobile self-ethnography

Map cultural landscapes with social listening and linguistic analysis

Spot and analyse trends impacting your brand (incl. panel of futurists access, co-creative focus groups & in-depth interviews)

Common Questions

Life is lived not in years, months, or weeks, but moment by moment. This leads to behaviours that are spontaneous, often without conscious reasoning.

To reveal the day-to-day moments that matter, we use mobile self-ethnography to capture the realities of people’s lives and all the influences that surround them. We don’t interrupt or take people out of the context of the moment – they simply self-report what’s happening, when it’s happening.

Our approach blends self-ethnography and the unfiltered use of photos and videos with task-based activities, interactive discussions, and direct questioning through short interactive surveys. Bringing cultural considerations to life, it gets us closer to cultural and human truths than ever before. People share and document their day-to-day lives, revealing visually unconscious cultural drivers, and what does and doesn’t matter to them.

We also use our cultural framework to perform semiotic analysis, which identifies the most relevant cultural codes and signifiers. Social listening and linguistic analysis then help us pin-point unique language considerations to inform your brand narrative development.

We analyse the cultural signals that shape how people see their world – verbal, visual and audio. Our approach utilises semiotic theory, behavioural economics and social science to determine how to interpret these signals.

Our experts identify the emerging codes that are ‘Seed’ing, versus those that are more established (at the ‘Grow’ and ‘Bloom’ stages), and those that are beginning to ‘Fade’. We then work with you to future-scape the drivers of people’s outlook and decision-making, revealing the emerging trends that offer the most opportunity for your brand.

To connect brand purpose to local culture, we uncover the roots of culture through exploring rituals, values, and traditions within local markets. We do this through a ‘Cultural Read’ and semiotic visual audit, utilising a unique blend of semiotics and linguistic analysis.

We use our dynamic qualitative research methods (e.g. pop-up communities, self-mobile-ethnography, digital focus groups, in-depth interviews, etc.) to ensure your brand purpose is culturally fluent. Our hybrid approach helps you understand how to tailor your future marketing and communications to cultural nuances, and ensures your brand purpose is pivotal in driving sales growth.

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