Product & price optimisation

Optimise product features and pricing strategies using conjoint analysis to drive short-term sales and competitive advantage

As businesses around the world emerge from hibernation into what is being described by economists as the most competitive landscape the industry has ever seen, the gloves are off to win back sales and market share.

In a marketplace where demand remains unpredictable and consumer values and spending habits are evolving, brands are focussing on product and price optimisation. This offers an immediate opportunity to accelerate financial recovery, create competitive advantage and drive short to long-term growth.

Fast and accurate results
Predict optimal product
features & pricing
Increase sales and
preference share
People crossing the street
Customer Behaviour

Map customers and competitors

Segment and profile key audiences by combining current behaviour with brand consideration.

Identify and target customers most likely to attract or churn, as well as competitors to gain from or lose against.

Simulate new or existing products and pricing in a competitive context

Identify the optimal offer that best meets consumer needs through intuitive, real-time market simulations.

Utilise Hall & Partners’ industry-leading, web-based market simulator which integrates fully with a multitude of data and knowledge management platforms, including The Hub.

Connect conjoint analysis with actual market share to predict in-market success and build out product and price scenarios that will maximise value for consumers.

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Purchase behaviour online
Online purchase

Grounded in consumer behaviour

Layer in behavioural economic principles to ensure product and price choice modelling reflects the realities of consumer purchase behaviour and decision making.

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