Creative message testing & development

Our predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) modelling approach allows you to identify, test, and refine your marketing messaging and brand tone. This avoids creating unnecessary content and maximises your ROI.

There’s a new, heightened sensitivity and expectation for brands and their creatives to deliver impactful messaging that resonates in every market.

Successfully positioning a brand identity now requires the optimal blend of language and tone of voice. This needs to be reflected across all your brand, marketing, and product creative messaging, ranging from billboards through to advertising.

Map competitor language
Safely test any creative
Increase sales
and brand value

Identify the right message and tone of voice

Map competitor landscape and category language using cutting-edge AI technology on social data.

Evaluate the optimal tone of voice associated with each of your campaign messages.

Determine the language and message choice that resonates best with your brand objectives and target audience.

Predict how creative will perform

Measure messaging using conjoint analysis choice modelling across key message components e.g. Brand Positioning; Reason to Believe; Usefulness.

Test messaging variations against core components and identify optimal messaging combination.

Predict and maximise preference share of your chosen marketing message.

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Build long-term brand value

Pinpoint and develop a unique emotional and rational connection to drive a competitive advantage.

Ensure creative campaigns are rooted in core consumer motives that underpin brand choice and selection.

Develop messages that drive purchase consideration and brand value.

Principles of developing effective messages for your audience

The art of developing effective marketing messages extends beyond content and creative. Adopt a balanced tone of voice that influences what customers ‘Feel’, ‘Think’, and ‘Do’.


Forge an emotional connection by using adjectives and complex language


Be more persuasive by presenting crisp facts and evidence


A strong call to action needs to utilise verbs

Striking the right tone of voice in your messaging is central to successfully positioning your brand identity with your customers.

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