Shaping business brand relationships

Over the past two decades Hall & Partners has helped shape the product and marketing strategy of some of the world’s biggest B2B brands, in sectors including technology, financial services, consulting, utilities, transport and leisure.

Our B2B experts bring a unique blend of strategic insight matched with a deep understanding of commercial audiences. We use this expertise to advise our clients across all phases of the product lifecycle, to set brand and marketing strategies, and to evaluate the impact of marketing communications and campaign activities.

We work with ambitious and inspiring clients and are proud be the long-term strategic partner for leading technology and communications companies in the B2B space.

Guiding principles to fit your brand

We recognise there is new thinking about how brands and communications work in the digital age, and help identify the best approaches for B2B brands to build meaningful relationships with people. Our guiding principles are informed by the latest thinking in behavioural economics and social science.

Cultural context and social influence are the primary drivers of behaviour, even among commercial and technical audiences. People’s primary response to brands, product experiences and communications is instinctive and emotional, and building distinctive emotional connections is critical in driving brand engagement and loyalty.

We consider every aspect of the brand, product and communications experience, through what people…


To cut through, communications need to be DISTINCTIVE


People need to feel a strong instinctive emotional CONNECTION


People need to think there are some useful ADVANTAGES


You need to make things EASY for people to do

We have a unique framework to describe how people experience B2B brands and what influences their behaviour. It enables you to plan, develop and optimise your marketing activity before, during and after decision making and deployment.

FRAME encourages creativity with disciplined thinking, allowing you to focus on the ways to strengthen engagement across your different audiences and drive growth.

Measuring the different dynamics of engagement helps you identify the actions needed to achieve your product, brand and marketing objectives and drive usage and perception change.

This framework allows for the integration of brand evaluation and customer experience measurement with other data sources – such as your internal BI metrics, social media, telemetry data, digital and media metrics – unlocking insights from previously unconnected sources of information.

We are experts in understanding people

It’s more important than ever to see the world from your B2B customers’ perspective, understanding them as people, not just their professional roles.

As business evolves, clients are always coming to us with different challenges and we’re constantly inventing new ways to understand business people, their emotions, instinctive decision-making and behaviours. We develop creative approaches by embracing new thinking, state-of-the-art technology and rich data sources.

Our strategic planning cycle tackles the toughest brand and marketing challenges, determining where you are in your brand lifecycle and identifying the questions that you want answered.



What is the cultural and social context the business operates in?

What are the key category and market trends?

What are the key competitive strengths and weaknesses?

Category Safari

Company Purpose

Employee Engager


What is the organisation's defining goal and purpose?

What are the commercial goals and objectives?

What behaviours are you trying to change?

What is the brand vision, proposition and distinctive assets?

Social Narrative

Brand and Communications Tracking

Predictive Analytics

Scenario Planning


What products and services does the brand offer and where?

How does the brand create engaging customer experiences and communication?

Where does the brand need to be and touch people?

Target Read


Customer Journey

Brand Narrative


How is the brand performing against commercial goals (Do Goals) and is its strategy reflected in the 'Engagement Plan'?

How can you optimise your marketing activity and investment?

How will these changes impact on market performance?

Customer Experience

Brand Innovation

Co-creative Idea Development

Big Idea Testing

Message Testing

Copy Testing

Channel Planning

We work across brand engagement, product strategy and development, behaviour change and marketing challenges, supporting some of the world's biggest brands in the following sectors: Technology, Financial Services, Consulting, Utilities, Transport, Travel & Leisure and beyond.

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