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Escalating the experience economy


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It wasn’t long ago that marketers’ energy and focus was spent on creating the best advertising campaign they could. One with an impactful 30-second or longer TV brand ad, with some great digital and print to support it.

Digital has changed all our worlds. For marketers it’s not only the proliferation of channels – it’s also the merging and blurring between customer experience and traditional marketing.

Today the task is to understand the customer journey and maximise the impact of those interactions throughout – before, during and after purchase. These interactions aren’t just about communications. Marketing now has new responsibilities in service design, finding different ways to be useful, add value and, above all, be engaging.

There are lots of exciting examples. An app to help you learn more about the heritage of whisky which then invites you to join a connoisseurs’ club. The rapid re-engineering of your flying experience. A cereal that’s morphed into a slimming club.

Digital is helping many brands expand the range of experiences they offer to customers, while still being true to themselves. Our latest magazine looks at some of the things marketers are doing in response to these opportunities. It also talks about new ways to anticipate and respond to customer needs in the moment.

Our FRAME model is designed to help all our clients think through what they want people to see, feel, think and do at every step along the customer journey. Informed by behavioural science, it identifies the strategies and experiences most likely to drive future behaviour. Increasingly we’re working with clients who are striving for innovation in this space.

I hope you find all the articles useful and enjoyable.

Vanella Jackson

Vanella Jackson
Global CEO

For brands today customer experience isn’t a choice, a case of whether to opt in or out. It’s a reality. It’s therefore essential for brands to ask the right strategic questions and build engaging customer experiences to maximise their competitive advantage.

Digital transformation has elevated consumer expectations. There’s more choice than ever before, across multiple channels.

At every touchpoint people are talking about their customer experiences and sharing them online.

Our latest magazine explores what this means for the healthcare industry. Whether it’s developing a new medicine or designing a hospital, a different more person-centric approach is required. The opportunity is to think from the outside in, to consider what patients, caregivers, providers, payers and other stakeholders need… and asking them.

The potent combination of science and technology also creates an exciting opportunity.

With the proliferation of apps and connected devices, brands are starting to question what kind of business they’re actually in: medicine, or symptom management, or even big data and information? This has implications for what people expect from services. We’re just at the start of this exciting journey which holds a lot of promise for building innovative service-led customer experiences.

Our thought leadership reflects the importance of this rapidly shifting environment and how it impacts the industry.

We hope you find this a stimulating and inspiring read.

Abigail Stuart

Abigail Stuart
Global CEO of Health