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Fed Ex on purpose

Neil Gibson
VP Corporate Communications
Fed Ex Services

Monica Skipper
VP Brand Experience Marketing
Fed Ex Services

It’s no accident that our purpose is the heart of the FedEx story.

FedEx delivers more than 9 million packages a day on average. But what do we really deliver with each of those packages?

We deliver love when we ship flowers for Mother’s Day. We delivered hope to the people of Nepal by flying in urgently needed medical supplies following a devastating earthquake.

These stories and more are why we believe a connected world is a better world. That belief is embodied in our purpose statement, FedEx: We connect people and possibilities around the world

Our purpose is essential to our brand and reputation because it puts who we are and what we do in the context of why we matter. As a result, it gives richer meaning to our portfolio of customer services, and it enhances our reputation as a great place to work and as a committed global citizen. We developed our purpose statement to be:



Our purpose unifies our stakeholders (team members, customers, communities and shareowners) by addressing shared economic, societal and environmental issues.


Our purpose is backed up by our actions, as highlighted in the Global Citizenship Report (, which documents our contributions to economic development worldwide, support for our people, sustainability goals and progress, and community investments worldwide.


Our purpose has enriched the stories we tell the world. We’re proud of the many ways we help our customers grow, and we’re just as passionate about how, together, we make the world a better place.

We connect people and possibilities around the world

Our purpose has launched a transformation that will continue to strengthen our culture. Today, our purpose not only articulates why we matter, it’s become a competitive advantage. It inspires team members by showing them how they make the world a better place. It helps recruit the right team members, and it resonates with customers who want to do business with companies that share their values.

We’ll continue to look for ways to keep our purpose relevant and engaging as the world changes and FedEx evolves with it. We would love to hear your questions and thoughts about the power of purpose in your organization.