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Fluid dialogues beat planned monologues

All creativity, especially advertising, requires us to embark on a learning journey. Machines can only take us some of the way there. For the rest, we need to watch, observe, immerse and look for those unexpected nuggets of truth. In short, get out into the real world. Talk to people, not just screens of ones and zeros.

It’s the great irony of our digital age. As we’ve become more dependent on powerful tools to understand customers and their motivations, so the most insightful connection of all has been weakened. We’re forgetting what it means to be human.

The model is changing from the traditional one where broadcast was king

So the need to consider how integrated ideas connect and different communications fluidly integrate across different channels is greater. Having campaigns which are seen by people not necessarily in the centre of your target audience is easier. Technology allows us to creatively build a fame that goes beyond those you thought you wanted to talk to, finding rhythms and rituals of more disparate groupings.

The model is changing from the traditional one where broadcast was king. The creative and strategic tasks were to find the single most unifying motivator across the maximum number of people. Today, the tendency is to tell people about the utility that is most applicable to them, to help motivate their desires and feelings through personalisation. Identifying a type of response, rather than just the type of audience.

Ideas are no longer singular, the best are organic and mean different things to different people. Now, conversations beat campaigns.