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Game changer!

Jeff Mercer PhD
Senior Director Customer & Market Research

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Jeff leads Microsoft’s Corporate Research team which is responsible for conducting research and consulting on corporate-wide initiatives.

Amanda Sachs
General Manager Worldwide Customer & Partner Experience

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Amanda’s key focus at Microsoft includes enabling a customer-obsessed culture and accountability across the company.

How Microsoft is driving its customer-obsessed culture through an innovative measurement programme

Microsoft has a very big mission… to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more! To accomplish this, CEO Satya Nadella has asked each of Microsoft’s 110,000 employees to take responsibility for fulfilling this mission by becoming more ‘customer obsessed’.

To support Satya’s vision, Microsoft’s Customer & Market Research team and Customer & Partner Experience team have joined forces to develop a new holistic customer and partner satisfaction measurement programme. The aim is to more deeply understand and improve the interactions and experiences that Microsoft’s customers and partners have with the company.

While Microsoft has many listening systems, the primary mechanism for tracking customer and partner satisfaction was, until very recently, a single survey with just one metric being the primary focus. Inevitably this approach had limitations:

» A single survey can only tell you so much. While the insights are valuable at a high level, reliance on a single survey provides little understanding of the factors driving satisfaction and generates only surface recommendations to improve it.

» The focus on ‘one metric’ results in customer satisfaction measurement being used more often for adjudication rather than for truly improving the customer experience.

» The limited scope of the measurement causes teams across sales, marketing and engineering to struggle to see their specific roles in improving customer and partner satisfaction.

Today, we’re excited to be on a path toward a new customer and partner satisfaction measurement programme that will provide a more dynamic and holistic understanding of the customer and partner experience with Microsoft. This new approach will elicit clear recommendations for improving satisfaction across the company and enable us to fulfil our vision of every employee being customer obsessed. Leaders participating in the development of the programme have called it an “innovative game changer” for driving customer and partner satisfaction.

This initiative will bring many more customer and partner touchpoints and experiences into our measurement programme – including key areas such as product experience, support, sales and brand which we know underlie customer and partner satisfaction and business success. Expanding the programme to include these areas will help distribute accountability for customer satisfaction to the teams that can have the biggest influence and impact on those areas.

The voices and faces of our customers and partners humanise the joys and frustrations we note in the numbers

Additionally, we’re increasing the variety of metrics we include in our programme to inform the key areas. As well as surveys (which will always be necessary to understand attitudes and beliefs), we’re bringing in measures from telemetry (e.g. product usage), social intelligence, and business systems (e.g. support data). Expanding the breadth and depth of our measurement will facilitate a far richer understanding of customer and partner satisfaction than we have had in the past, and generate clearer recommended actions for improvement.

Finally, we’ll bring the voices and faces of our customers and partners alive through qualitative interviews – humanising the joys and frustrations we note in the numbers.

Overall, we’re confident that our new broad and modern customer and partner satisfaction measurement programme will accelerate Microsoft’s ambition to become a more customer-obsessed company. By putting the needs of our customers and partners first, we’ll be well on our way to achieving our mission!


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