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How we’re inventing the future faster

Andy Waller
Global COO
Hall & Partners

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“Please do the same work as last time but take as long as you like and I’d like to pay you more for it…” said no one, ever.

We’re all aware of the triple constraint: fast, good, cheap, which two do you want? In today’s agency the answer is usually all three, and why not? Despite macro-economic evidence showing that productivity is shrinking globally, in our everyday lives we see evidence that technology and modern production processes are driving down cost and delivery times while maintaining quality. If we experience these things in our lives as consumers then it’s natural to expect the same in our working lives. At Hall & Partners we do, and so do our clients in the way we turn data and research into actionable insight.

We were recently shortlisted for two MRS Operations awards which demonstrate our commitment to exceptional delivery. The first, in the category of Best Data Collection (Online), showcases our use of creative techniques and cutting-edge technology to reach and engage with Psoriasis patients across 18 markets. The second, for Operational Excellence, highlights our use of Lean Six Sigma principles, minimising waste and reducing project turnaround times while fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

As well as these significant achievements, we’re concentrating on our automation strategy which combines partnerships with leading industry players and our own team of developers. This allows us to dramatically improve delivery times while maintaining a high level of quality. It also frees up our people’s time to invest in the services and solutions that really matter to our clients.

In this fast-moving world, data and insight must be delivered rapidly to impact decisions in real time

Because our world is changing with such rapidity, the value of research has never been greater. We therefore continue to invest in the future through the development of our Insight News Service powered by our unique, award-winning digital platform. In this fast-moving world, data and insight must be delivered rapidly to impact decisions in real time. ‘The Hub’ gathers, connects and distils data to facilitate the publishing of insight news to the right people, at the right time, in the right format.

This is an exciting time for our industry, a time of unprecedented change at a pace that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Hall & Partners are delighted to be at the forefront of this change as we continue our journey towards being an always-on strategic consultancy of the future.