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Accelerate innovation, co-create new products and services, deliver a seamless customer experience to seize new growth opportunities

The failure rate of new products and services has always been high, reminding us that not all innovation is good. All too often, brands get carried away with new products or services, forgetting to carry out valuable market research to determine if it is something people actually need, want, or are willing to pay a premium for. 

Businesses and brands continue to underestimate the value and importance of every single customer interaction, as these touchpoints and channels become a key differentiator for customers, business professionals, and patients. From perception to intention, retention to loyalty, a successful customer experience (CX) strategy should be at the heart of every brand, product, and service innovation.

ideas for innovative products
ideas for innovative services

Develop new product or service ideas in under a week

Our fluid, co-creative approach is purpose-built for every phase of your new product development cycle. Our innovative market research techniques include diversity workshops, co-creative project sprints, rapid concept development, mobile self-ethnography, hybrid-qualitative, quantitative testing, social forecasting, and ‘living’ segmentations. We help you identify and launch products and services that resonate with your customers and inspire growth.  

How we help you

Understand cultural context and identify un-met category needs

Develop product and service offerings through co-creative idea generation and concept testing

Predict adoption curves, future sales, and impact on existing products

Develop a brand, customer or patient experience to suit every touchpoint and channel

Common Questions

In our experience, the most common reasons are:

  • Trying to fix a non-existent problem
  • Wrong positioning or pricing
  • Targeting the wrong market or audience
  • Incorrect product launch timing
  • Poor product and customer experience
  • Insufficient customer support
  • Underestimating the competition

Brands needs to continue to morph and change to be relevant. It is the responsibility of every brand to stay ahead of competitors through innovation, ensuring their products remain relevant and that people get the products and services they deserve.

We map out the existing customer journeys and experiences. We then work with you to identify the optimum experience for what people ‘See’, ‘Feel’, ‘Think’, and ‘Do’ before, during and after purchase.

We recognise that different people have different experiences and paths to purchase. Our experts identify the most impactful touchpoints to personalise, ensuring we engage with your customers at every meaningful touchpoint to maximise the potential for transaction.

We start by using our cultural analysis and diversity workshops to shape the language and cultural context of the category. We then use our multi-cultural framework to identify which cultural strategy you intend to follow and undertake message testing using conjoint to determine any cultural sensitivities. We then run ‘test-and-learn’ scenarios to explore the optimal product innovation package to maximise your preference, sales, and share. We run these specific scenarios at both a global and local level to understand how varying product innovation and price packages resonate with your global and local audiences.

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