Segmentation & Profiling

Pinpoint, prioritise, and target your most valuable customers with a ‘living’ future-proofed segmentation.

People change, their needs change, their preferences change. In a rapidly transforming world, brands want segmentations that shift at the same pace as their customers. Yet, the moment a segmentation study is complete, it begins to lose its relevance and depreciate.

That clear portrait of your customer is just a static moment in time and, as we all know, the world can change overnight. Without a finger on the pulse, brands risk getting left behind and losing competitive advantage.

Powered by connected data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Hall & Partners’ new, refreshable ‘living’ segmentation, ‘A(i)LIVE’, transforms today’s customer segmentation landscape. It reveals what your most valuable customer segments are ‘Seeing’, ‘Feeling’, ‘Thinking’, and ‘Doing’, right now, and in the future – refreshable at the touch of a button.


A live segmentation for the times we are living in

‘A(i)LIVE’ ‘living’ segmentation breaks down the long-standing constraints of static segmentations that prevent marketers and market researchers from making informed ongoing targeting decisions that maximise return on investment.

It augments the segmentation process using Machine Learning and AI, a cutting-edge typing tool, and a continual stream of behavioural data to refresh your segmentation, delivering insight that inspires, rather than data that has expired.

How we help you

Refresh, re-profile and re-segment continually

Accurately anticipate and predict consumer behaviour

Construct a well-defined plan for activation

Adapt product and service offerings in real-time

Common Questions

We are experts in creating powerful segmentations. We have created thousands of bespoke customer segmentation studies ranging from comprehensive global segmentations spanning multiple markets, to localised customer segmentation research. 

We start by identifying and understanding the cultural context through semiotic analysis (what people ‘See’, ‘Feel’, ‘Think’, and ‘Do’). Then we delve deeper, looking for clues, unearthing new and emerging trends within your social data. Paired with cutting-edge technology, we use ‘live’ observation and video ethnography to reveal everyday, unconscious behaviours and hidden insights – what people do and why they do it. This helps us set the stage and scope out the landscape for your segmentation.

With a range of sophisticated and innovative segmentation tools at our disposal, our specialist predictive analytics team, The Modellers, are recognised as a segmentation Swiss Army knife. They bring together the optimal blend of analytical approaches to ensure you get the best and most accurate segmentation.

Going into more detail, our Semantic Differentials give your data more range and variability. We use MaxDiff to pull apart segment views, revealing what is most important to them and your target markets. Then, when it comes to advanced analytical clustering and distancing techniques, we use the best proven methods and algorithms to establish clear and distinct segments for your brand. For all you Data Wizards, these include Hierarchical K-Means, Two Step, Archtype, Canonical, Latent Class, Random Forest, Ensemble, and other machine learning/AI. It is important to note, The Modellers are technique agnostic – we believe there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

Too often, brands get bogged down in the science of segmentation, losing sight of the art of applying it in the real world and making segmentations truly actionable. To help your organisation and stakeholders experience the reality of these segments and their respective customer journey, we bring segmentations to life in highly visual and engaging ways:

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