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Shared Beliefs
for a new world


Multi-minded ideas build multi-minded relationships

Instead of the single-minded proposition of the past, we’re now able to allow people to have their own relationships with the brand. It’s not one idea controlled by the brand but multiple ideas which connect and interact in different ways, that can’t (and shouldn’t) be entirely controlled.

That’s the challenge of creativity. To plan, measure and master the effective delivery of different kinds of messages. Thus, today’s advertising is about these connections, rather than silos of communication.

We talk enthusiastically about multi-minded ideas hosted on different platforms but sometimes neglect to consider how these ideas flex and morph, how they connect. The craft of what we now do entails multiple relationships and approaches that Mike, in his original Shared Beliefs, couldn’t have anticipated. Now, good advertising is interlinked.

Today’s advertising is about connections, rather than silos of communication

Advertisers need to be adept at reacting to changing behaviours and responses, learning how to take advantage of the way consumers navigate different media by offering multiple messages.

Consider how, until a few years ago, the concept of dual-screen consumers didn’t exist. Now people watch TV with one eye and hand on their smartphone. One message for one channel needs to interact with another on a different channel. They’re not separate anymore, they trigger actions and behaviours on each other.

And in health, a medicine matters not just to the patient but their family, their working lives, the doctor and hospital, the system and finances. Every piece of information is relevant and can be part of a multi-minded package of creative ideas.

Technology enables consumers to engage with advertising in myriad ways. Our aim is to influence those behaviours in multiple ways. And the best advertising does.