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Paws for progress

Jenna Lauer
Managing Partner, LA
Hall & Partners

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I have spent my career developing and evaluating communications, so I can tell you as an official expert, people love puppies in advertising. Yup, it’s true, puppies and babies sell. I think sex sells as well – but that’s an off-putting topic these days so we’ll stick to the global love of dogs!

Dogs help sell products and services all over the world. They help strengthen brands and make them stand for being lovable, loyal, cute, strong, playful, joyful – the list of attributes goes on. We’ve seen dogs used in every category from trucks to beer to toilet paper.

Dogs have also created a category of their own. There are big box pet supply stores, dog spas, dog photography, dog clothing boutiques, doggie day care/hotels, and lately even cool new apps where you can schedule your dog walker as quick as ordering yourself up an Uber.

So, if dogs make us so happy, why not have them around all the time? Well, in my office they are. We’re a dog-friendly agency and we love it. Given today is National Puppy Day, (never mind we seriously have a day for everything now – but what right does an advertising gal have in judging made-up occasions to celebrate/sell?), I thought I’d share our fabulous experience with pups as co-workers.

It’s an all-round positive experience which creates a more energetic environment in the office

On the tactical side, a dog-friendly office is great for talent retention. People who either want a dog or currently bring their dog to work can’t go back. More importantly, they don’t want to go back or leave. Our pups have become part of our work family and culture of our office – just like their owners.

For the non-dog lovers, the dogs don’t seem to bother them. If someone’s allergic, they sit further away from the dogs. If the dogs make a mess, clean it. We have HR processes for humans, we can also put rules and regulations in place for proper pup behavior. Also, having a dog-friendly environment is like having a child exposed to candy. Meaning, people don’t all rush in with their dogs, just as kids never finish all their Halloween candy. It’s just a nice offering. In fact, I have dogs and they never join me at the office. But I enjoy the other pups and appreciate the freedom if I so chose it.

As you can see, I highly recommend a dog-friendly environment. Give it a go. You’ll likely enjoy it and so will your team. All my years of experience in putting dogs in ads, testing dogs in ads and having dogs in the agency have all been a smashing success. Apologies for my lack of wisdom on cats.

Cheers to all the pups and pup-friendly environments on National Puppy Day. Woof


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