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The explosion of new channels and the huge volume of self-published content, now available to be watched and enjoyed, means that brands find it increasingly challenging to compete for attention.

Inevitably people’s attention spans are shortening while their demand for something that is really entertaining and fun is increasing.

With the creative bar for branded content rising, only brands that get it right can reap the rewards of deeper engagement and additional media value from sharing.

We are interested in helping brands think through their brand participation strategies, finding ways to identify the idea that will pull people in and encourage them to share. We are also finding ways to demonstrate the effectiveness of ‘Play’ to deepen the relationship and bond people have with brands.

In this issue, we explore the role of ‘Play’ in building stronger relationships between people and brands, building relationships that matter in their real lives.

We are also interested in how ‘Play’ helps us get closer to people in research, revealing new insights into what they see, feel, think and do. Our new techniques — including co-creation, gaming and visualisation — are all part of this.

I hope you enjoy our magazine, and find it both thoughtful and playful.

Hopefully it will deepen your relationship with us.

Vanella Jackson

Vanella Jackson
Global CEO