Shaping government policy and social communications

Over the past two decades Hall & Partners has helped shape the future of many of the world’s most successful public sector marketing campaigns.

Our specialist public sector team brings a unique blend of strategic insight matched with a deep understanding of people. We use this expertise to guide and shape policy, develop successful social marketing and communications campaigns, and evaluate the impact of campaign activity.

We work with ambitious and inspiring clients and are proud be the long-term strategic partner of a diverse range of government departments and NGOs.

Guiding principles to fit your requirements

We recognise there is new thinking about how communications work in the digital age, and help identify the best approaches for government to build meaningful relationships with people. Our guiding principles are informed by the latest approaches in behavioural economics and social science.

Cultural context and social influence are the primary drivers of behaviour. People’s primary response to communications is instinctive and emotional, and building distinctive emotional connections is critical in driving community engagement.

We consider every aspect of the communications or behaviour change experience, through what people…


To cut through, communications need to be DISTINCTIVE


People need to feel a strong instinctive emotional CONNECTION


People need to think there are some useful ADVANTAGES


You need to make things EASY for people to do

We have a strategic framework that describes how people experience and build relationships with brands. It enables you to plan, develop and optimise your marketing activity before, during and after decision making.

FRAME encourages creativity with disciplined thinking, allowing you to focus on the ways to strengthen engagement across your different audiences and drive growth.

Measuring the different dynamics of engagement helps you identify the actions needed to achieve your campaign objectives or drive behaviour change.

This framework helps us understand behaviour, identifying the opportunities to steer decision making, and drive (and measure) behaviour change as a result of programme or service engagement. We assess impact and outcome not only from self-reported change, but also through observed ethnographic change utilising Tempo, our specialist in-the moment experience division.

FRAME allows for the integration of evaluation and behaviour change programmes with other data sources such as your internal metrics, social media and media metrics, unlocking insights from previously unconnected sources of information.

We are experts in understanding people

People experience communications in lots of different ways, and every campaign is unique.

Our strategic planning cycle tackles the toughest communication and marketing challenges, determining where you are in your communication lifecycle and identifying the questions that you want answered.



What is the cultural and social context the business operates in?

What are the key category and market trends?

What are the key competitive strengths and weaknesses?

Category Safari

Company Purpose

Employee Engager


What is the organisation's defining goal and purpose?

What are the commercial goals and objectives?

What behaviours are you trying to change?

What is the brand vision, proposition and distinctive assets?

Social Narrative

Brand and Communications Tracking

Predictive Analytics

Scenario Planning


What products and services does the brand offer and where?

How does the brand create engaging customer experiences and communication?

Where does the brand need to be and touch people?

Target Read


Customer Journey

Brand Narrative


How is the brand performing against commercial goals (Do Goals) and is its strategy reflected in the 'Engagement Plan'?

How can you optimise your marketing activity and investment?

How will these changes impact on market performance?

Customer Experience

Brand Innovation

Co-creative Idea Development

Big Idea Testing

Message Testing

Copy Testing

Channel Planning

We work with a broad range of government departments and NGOs across policy and social communications programmes. Our clients include:

Department of Social Services (Family Violence, Social Cohesion, National Disability Insurance Scheme)

Department of Education & Training (VET, School Funding Reforms)

Department of Health (Pharmacy Review, Testing Cosmetics on Animals Community Consultation & Gene Technology Expert Consultation)

Defence Force Recruiting (Communications Tracking & Evaluation)

We work with state governments to improve service delivery including: Transport Accident Commission, Worksafe Victoria, Service NSW and Safework NSW, and Translink

public-sector-Engaging-the-community-about-major-reforms-thumb Education: engaging the community about major reforms public-sector-Preventing-children-from-dying-in-summer-thumb Government: preventing children from dying in summer Government: informing major policy review into health service delivery public-sector-Maximising-return-on-investment-thumb Advertising: maximising return on Investment public-sector-Building-and-fostering-social-cohesion-thumb Government: building and fostering social cohesion

Talk to our public sector team to find out how we can help inform your policy reviews, drive behaviour change or shape your social marketing campaigns…

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