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Shaping future experiences

Digital technology is transforming the way people experience brands. Because people experience brands through what they See, Feel, Think and Do, it’s important to capture responses to these experiences as and when they happen.

To understand the experiences that count, we identify the moments that matter. We use mobile to capture fast in-the-moment feedback, revealing instinctive responses in context.

Now matters, more than ever before

Life is lived not in years, months or weeks, but moment by moment. This leads to behaviours that are spontaneous and often without conscious reasoning.

To reveal the day-to-day moments that matter, we developed our own award-winning platform designed to fit seamlessly around people’s mobile lives. We don’t interrupt or take people out of the context of the moment – they simply report back what’s happening, when it’s happening.

Our unique approach blends self-ethnography and the unfiltered use of photos and videos with task-based activities, interactive discussions and direct questioning through short surveys. We get closer to deeper human truths than ever before to help clients create great experiences, and define innovative strategies to drive growth.

Creating experiences at the speed of life

Talk to our Tempo team to find out how we can shape your brand’s future...

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