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The growth trilogy

Louise Eyres
Chief Marketing Officer and Board Director

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Louise, former Group General Manager, Marketing at ANZ, is a global marketing leader experienced in designing, developing and executing enterprise-wide international marketing strategies.

Why businesses must focus on brand, data and CX to enhance customer engagement

In the past two years at ANZ, we’ve spent considerable time and energy keeping pace with a changing marketing landscape: data, digital, micro-moments, clicks, views and likes.

We’ve questioned the transparency and efficacy of media buying advertising attribution models. We’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to get social and content right. And we’ve shifted significant amounts of money into digital.

We’ve embarked on the digital transformation that’s driving our businesses across categories and geographies. However, all of these actions aren’t simply about digital transformation; they’re the drivers of a customer transformation in the digital age.

Our customers are more empowered than ever before through their accessibility to information. Whether through mobile devices or integrated social campaigns, the benchmark for best-practice customer experience design has shifted.

Customer feedback from ratings and reviews of their experience with our brands will impact reputation and revenue, determine value and influence business outcomes.

Digital transformation is driving our businesses across categories and geographies

These three disciplines are necessary to compete and thrive in our connected environment given our need to:

» Build brand strength and equity to attract customers to our business in a highly fragmented media and communication market

» Develop deep customer insight through utilisation of data to increase our knowledge of our customers’ needs and their goals

» Deliver great customer experiences across channels to ensure consistency of experience

We see the impact of the growth trilogy when comparing the emergence of Amazon alongside the mature retail giant, Walmart.

Amazon provides a one-stop customer experience with broad choice. It utilises its rich customer data to drive its ecosystem and to refine and enhance the customer’s experience – continually identifying new opportunities.

Whilst Amazon has been enhancing its customer engagement, its competitor, Walmart, was seen as a product-centred business. This resulted in episodic and disconnected experiences for its customers. In the early years of its competition with Amazon, Walmart didn’t know who its customers were, what they had bought in the past, or what they wanted in the future. This lack of deep customer insight and out-of-date experience caused Walmart financial and reputational damage.

Developing a connected growth strategy will deliver your business enhanced employee and customer satisfaction, reduce customer churn, drive deeper relationships and increase revenue.

The emergence of the growth trilogy highlights the need to continually adapt in response to dynamic external forces. Will you lead the disruption of your own business by building brand strength, deep customer insight through data, and a seamless customer experience? Or will disruption be done to you?

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