The Hub

Digitally transforming the impact of data and insight

Technology is creating more data, making our marketing environment more intelligent yet more complex. The Hub ensures the right information is in the right hands at the right time.

The Hub gathers, distils and inspires across multiple data sets including sales, social, spend, customer experience and brand performance.

Always on, always ready

Cutting edge story publishing transforms the way insight travels through clients’ organisations

Provides integrated, interactive, automated visualisations of all key data sets

Store and search all your files and reports in one place

Easy and intuitive to use

The Hub and Direct Line Group win TMRE EXPLOR Award Big win at The Next Generation Market Research Awards Insurance: a single version of the truth modellers-Travel--driving-growth-among-high-spending-cruisers-thumb Travel: driving growth among high-spending cruisers market research not working You’re wasting your money on research Financial Services: digitally transforming the impact of insight

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