We made the GRIT ‘Top 50 Most Innovative Companies’

We’re proud to rank among GreenBook’s GRIT ‘Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers’ for market research in the Q1-Q2 2021 GRIT Report.

We’re thrilled to have ranked #33 on the overall GRIT ‘Top 50 Most Innovative Research Companies‘, #22 in the Full Service category, and #9 in Strategic Consultancies.

What is the GRIT ‘Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers’ list?

It is a brand tracker for market research suppliers, using the core brand attribute of ‘innovation’ as the key measure. Each year the GRIT report measures how insight suppliers and clients are leveraging ‘innovation’ through a simple series of questions. The GRIT report looks to understand which companies are using the concept of ‘innovation’ to capture mind share in the marketplace, and then seek to understand what actually denotes ‘being innovative’ in the minds of respondents.

Conducted globally by GreenBook, a leading market research publication, the 2021 GRIT ‘Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers’ list is an annual online survey of market research suppliers, clients and insights professionals (based on an aggregate total of 8,492 responses).

The report notes, ‘only companies that received 24 or more mentions (up from a floor of 14 in 2020) made it on to the core GRIT Top 50 list. However, because the industry has continued to evolve, in 2019 we decided it was appropriate to look at more than one list. The reason we included a classification question was to develop sub-lists of companies in those categories, so although the GRIT 50 is still the definitive aggregate list, we have six break-out rankings that we believe are just as important to pay attention to‘:

As this list is based on responses from industry peers, GreenBook has referred to it as a ‘useful snapshot’ for strategic planning purposes, highlighting companies who successfully use innovation to drive brand awareness. Survey takers on the client side identified ‘new methodologies’, ‘approach’, and ‘use of technology’ as the key drivers to innovation.

Hall & Partners’ Global Marketing and Communications Director, James Gambles, commented: “Being part of a select list that reflects the very best in innovation across the market research and insight industry is a great honour. We’d like to thank our colleagues, partners and clients for naming us as one of the ‘Top 50 Most Innovative Research Companies’. This not only recognises our investment in innovation and technology, but also our growing full-service market research capabilities, and strategic consultancy that guides world-leading brands. Our continued focus on closing the gap between insight and action has helped us navigate fast-shifting territories to create a blueprint for success.”

Hall & Partners 2021 top 50 badge color

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