New study: What you need to know about patients of the future

From ‘medical gaslighting’ to redefining the very concept of health, Patient Trendscoping is a groundbreaking new study that reveals how patient expectations are evolving and the most important trends shaping the future of health. With quantitative data across US, Germany, UK, China and Japan from 10,500 respondents, this study will help make sure you’re prepared for the future.

If you’re curious about how people manage their health, inform health decisions, and expect to receive care, sign up to watch our exclusive webinar where our expert panel debut the results from our Patient Trendscoping study. Together, we explored uncommon insights on future patient needs and zoom in on particular countries and cultures.

Key themes

  • People, Not Patients: Patients are getting frustrated with longer waiting times and superficial relationships with doctors – not enough empathy, not enough time, and not enough understanding
  • Inclusive Healthcare, by Design: unpicking the main aspects of health inequalities, as reported by patients, to re-think a healthcare offering that would be equitable, diverse and inclusive by design
  • Truth-Searching: with so much health information available everywhere, where do consumers turn for health information they can trust?

We brainstormed potential solutions pharma could consider and support, including thinking around whether it is time to move beyond apps to a multi-facetted approach to digital health. Everyone that signs up will receive a short, complimentary report summarising the findings from the webinar.


Hall & Partners Agathe Acchiardo
Agathe Acchiardo
CEO of Think Next, future health expert
Hall & Partners Georgina Butcher
Georgina Butcher
Healthcare and pharmaceutical market researcher
Hall & Partners Sudbeck3
Barry Sudbeck,
​Senior Vice President & Partner, Global Health Care, FleishmanHillard
Hall & Partners Dawn Rotellini
Dawn Rotellini,
​Chief Operating Officer,
National Hemophilia Foundation


Hall & Partners Lucy Ireland
Lucy Ireland,
Health Partner at Hall & Partners,
Co-designer of this study
Lucy Ireland
Lucy Ireland
Partner, Hall & Partners Health

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