Starting with Strategy

At Hall & Partners, everything we do starts with understanding your commercial objectives, how your business intends to grow, who you are targeting, and the key behavioural outcomes you are looking for. We call these ‘Do Goals’. These ensure our work is grounded in your commercial plans and objectives, and that we are aligned on a shared vision for success.


How do you want to achieve success?

We work with you to capture your strategic marketing intentions in what we call an ‘Engagement Plan’. This starts with the behavioural goal you are seeking to influence, and then asks how you intend to influence this through what people ‘See’, ‘Feel’, ‘Think’, and ‘Do’ (key measures within our strategic framework, FRAME). We then ask you how you expect the communications to work, reflecting all these assumptions in our tailored metrics.

Identifying the most important questions you want answered

Our strategic planning cycle is developed specifically to tackle the toughest marketing challenges. We use it to determine where you are in your brand lifecycle, where you want to be, how to get there, and where you are on this journey.

What is the cultural and social context the business operates in?

What are the key category and market trends?

What are the key competitive strengths and weaknesses?

What is the current brand performance?

What is the organization’s defining goal and purpose?

What are the commercial goals and objectives?

What is the optimum target for your brand and service/s?

What behaviors are you trying to change?

What is the brand vision and proposition? What are its distinctive assets?

How is the brand performing against commercial goals (Do Goals) and is its strategy reflected in the Engagement Plan?

How can you optimize your marketing activity and investment?

How will these changes impact on market performance and ROI?

What products and services does the brand offer, and where?

How does the brand create engaging communications and customer experiences?

Where does the brand need to be?

Our unique approach...

The Hub

Award-winning data discovery, knowledge management and insight storytelling platform


The best research tools and approaches to gather your most valuable data


Smartly connect your data to unlock richer insights, and use a strategic framework to identify what’s critical to you


Experiential storytelling, strategic advice and creative experiences to transform the impact of your insight

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