Powerful experiential storytelling and strategic advice, supported by an award-winning insight engagement platform that transforms the impact of insight throughout your organization

We are living in a ‘busyness epidemic’, our hyper-connected lives demand more and more from our working day making it harder than ever to cut-through the commercial noise. Marketing departments continue to waste their budgets on insights that are communicated to decision-makers in the wrong format, at the wrong time, en masse. Valuable insights are being hidden in PowerPoint slides or at the bottom of a mountain of unread emails.

The best market research still has the power to transform lives, inspire decisions and drive growth, making what is currently wasted meaningful. Our always-on consultancy teams work with you to place impactful, actionable insight with the right people, in the right way, at the right time. In short, we transform the value of insight.

A zip bringing blue and yellow together

Closing the gap between insight and action

We go one step further than traditional market research agencies to deliver inspirational insight paired with smart strategic advice – insight that truly inspires action within your organization. We provide you with a clear, measurable path to incremental growth for your business and brands.

Together, we will navigate fast-shifting territory, helping you to create a blueprint for success. In the immediate-term to drive sales, and in the longer-term to build meaningful brand relationships.

Data to inform, stories to inspire

Smart businesses use data to inform their evidence-based decisions. Stories bring raw data to life, giving it meaning. At Hall & Partners, we have created a pioneering, award-winning insight engagement platform (The Hub). It transforms the way you and your stakeholders, at every level, across every division, interact and act on data and insight. It delivers this in real-time giving access to KPIs and all your valuable data.

The Hub publishes inspiring, journalistic ‘insight news stories’ creating memorable, shareable and actionable insights. With the help of professional broadsheet and tabloid journalists, we have re-trained all our people in the art of impactful storytelling. We also offer ‘insight storytelling’ training as a service for all our clients, extracting maximum value from their market research and insight investment.

Helping you raise the visibility and democratize the power of insight within your organization.


Impactful creative that inspires growth

The research industry is guilty of delivering statistic-heavy, data-overloaded reports and presentations. Great design helps people connect with, and consume, information easily and without effort.

This is why we have an in-house creative department, to create inspirational deliverables that embrace the cutting edge of design, film and data visualization. These include dynamic data visualizations, bespoke graphics, videos and films, scrollytelling, voice-activated data analysis, animations and motion graphics, and websites. Our creative outputs range from interactive infographics to experiential events, ensuring all your insights deliver maximum impact.

Our unique approach...

The Hub

Award-winning data discovery, knowledge management and insight storytelling platform


The best research tools and approaches to gather your most valuable data


Smartly connect your data to unlock richer insights, and use a strategic framework to identify what’s critical to you


Experiential storytelling, strategic advice and creative experiences to transform the impact of your insight

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