Predictive Analytics & Data Modelling

Make evidence-led investments and predict future sales using industry-leading predictive analytics and advanced data modeling

In this rapidly changing world, how do you predict the seemingly unpredictable? Now more than ever before, brands are struggling to make the right strategic and tactical decisions, balance long-term brand building with short-term investment and anticipate consumer behavior.

Our specialist predictive analytics team, The Modelers, are creating innovative statistical approaches to predict the future outlook of businesses by connecting attitudinal and behavioral data in pioneering ways. We pull together all your research and data streams that cut across customer, media, digital, sales, macroeconomics (e.g. Consumer Confidence Index and seasonality), and more.

This helps us create a virtual marketplace using a scenario-testing simulator to safely ‘test’ and ‘learn’ how your possible investments are likely to impact business outcomes. These span optimizing media, pricing, promotions, messaging, and/or creative. By connecting all your data sources, we can use our predictive data model to mitigate risk, optimise your brand strategy and identify your priorities for future growth.

We specialize in

Advanced analytical modeling

Dynamic conjoint analysis

Data mining and unstructured data exploration

Machine learning and AI data streaming

Digital customer profiling and journeys

Omnichannel marketing mix modeling using multi-variate regression modeling

Interactive scenario planning

‘Living’ segmentations

Social listening and linguistic analysis

Transactional shopper analysis

How we help you

Predict future sales

Measure and optimize marketing investment

Prove the impact of brand equity on business outcomes

Optimize channel strategy and deployment

Grow customer lifetime value

Common Questions

Feeding all your relevant data and research into our predictive model allows us to isolate and quantify the impact of each aspect of your marketing drivers on your business performance. We then conduct predictive and interactive test-and-learn simulations, which inform the adjustment of your marketing mix investment levels to maximise return on investment (ROI).

We have proven that long-term growth is best supported by brand activities, rather than just short-term sales drivers, such as price and promotion in isolation. Therefore, we include brand equity in our ‘market mix models’, which allows us to accurately quantify the impact of brand on business performance.

Working across the entire customer journey, we connect transactional, behavioral and attitudinal data to define the drivers of great customer experience (CX) and quantify the value of your brand.

Our cutting-edge analytic techniques allow you to deliver targeted, highly personalized customer communications to drive engagement and increase customer value.

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